Kids have been making key chains from pony beads for years. Now you can teach them to make napkin rings from those same pony beads. Get the whole family involved in this fun activity.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 4' of hemp (thin twine)
  • 48 Pony beads - We used beads in four different colors for each napkin ring.

Change the colors of the beads and you can make these napkin rings for any holiday or occasion!

Craft Instructions

  • Chose a color scheme and pattern for your napkin ring. In the sample, we used brown, red, yellow and orange. On the second row we reversed the order of the colors (orange, yellow, red, brown) and alternated between the two rows throughout the napkin ring.
  • First thread four of the pony beads onto the string.
  • Take the string that is coming out of the left side and insert it through the beads from right to left.
  • Pull on the two strings so that the beads end up in the center of the string and so that there is no slack left in the string.
  • Thread four more beads on the the right hand string and then pass the left hand string through the beads from left to right pulling the strings until there is no extra slack.
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  • Continue adding beads until you have twelve rows of beads.
  • Take the string on the left side and pass it through the first row of beads going from left to right and take the string from the right side and pass it through the first row of beads from right to left. Refer to the pictures below.
  • Pull both strings so that the first and last row are drawn together
  • Knot the strigs and pass the ends back through one of the rows of beads and cut the excess string off. You are now ready to slip a napkin into your napkin ring.
Bead crafts pony bead napkin ring instructions
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