Make custom refrigerator magnets in the design of your choice from paintable magnetic sheets. Makes a great gift!

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paintbrush
  • * Paint.A.MagTM
  • Scissors
  • Sizzix machine with die cuts - optional

Paint.A.MagTM  is a 5" x 8" magnetic sheet with a paintable surface.

Once the magnets are dry, they are ready to be hung on your refrigerator or other metal surface such as a locker or filing cabinet.

Craft Instructions

Basic Instructions:

  1. All the magnets pictured here were made with the Sizzix die cutting machine which makes this a very quick fun project.
  2. All of the pictured magnets were made from one 5" x 8" magnetic sheet.
  3. If using the Sizzix machine, choose the die that you want to use.  Cut a piece of magnet, with scissors, that is slightly larger than the actual design (to minimize waste, don't cut it the size of the whole plate). Use the Sizzix machine to cut out the desired shapes.
  4. If you are NOT using the Sizzix machine, draw or trace the shapes you want onto the white (paintable) side of the magnetic sheet and using a pair of scissors, cut out the design.  You can trace around cookie cutters for simple designs.
  5. Working on the white side of the magnetic sheet, use acrylic paint or paint pens to color your designs.  I also used fabric paint in squeeze bottles for some of the finishing lines.  Ultra fine glitter such as Glamour DustTM by DecoArt can be sprinkled on wet paint for a decorative finish.

Gingerbread man:

  • Paint the entire gingerbread man with brown acrylic paint.  Let dry and apply a second coat if desired.  When he is completely dry, outline the hearts on his belly with white glue and press small beads (I used pink glass rocailles) into the glue.  Using white fabric paint in a squeeze bottle, draw a face and zigzag lines across the arms and legs.


  • Leave the cuff portion white (don't paint).  Using acrylic paint, paint the hand portion of the mitten red or whatever color you choose.  While the paint is still wet, sprinkle with Glamour DustTM.  The mitten magnet can be personalized by writing a name on the cuff with an ultra fine permanent marker.

Teddy Bear:

  • Paint the bear's tummy pink using acrylic paint.  Then, paint his body brown.  You could also glue on tiny beads or googly eyes for his eyes.  In my sample, I used a brown permanent marker instead of paint but it gave a streaky finish - so I do not recommend coloring solid areas with marker.

Mint Candies:

  • Paint every other swirl either red or green and leave the other swirls white (do not paint).  Paint a thin outline of either red or green around the outer edge of the wrapper as pictured.


Paint entire surface of football with one or two coats of brown acrylic paint.  Let dry. Use white fabric paint in a squeeze bottle to draw the laces on the ball (one long horizontal line and three shorter vertical lines).

Football Helmet:

Paint the helmet with your team colors leaving the face mask unpainted so it stays white.  After it is dry, paint a second coat and let dry completely.  Then, use fabric paint in a squeeze bottle to mark the helmet with your team's initial.

Printable Instructions

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