Balloon noise makers are inexpensive, quick and easy to make.  They add a festive touch to any party including New Year's Eve and birthday parties.

Note:  Keep latex balloons away from babies and young children as they pose a chocking hazard

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Latex Balloon, 12" *
  • Three 1/2" jingle bells
  • Confetti
  • Small paper cup
  • 18" piece of ribbon**

* Balloons that are transparent or translucent when inflated work best as they will allow you to see the confetti inside the balloon.

**The ribbon used in our sample is 5/8" wide but you can use a variety of ribbons including curling ribbon.

Craft Instructions


  • Place two or three jingle bells inside the balloon.  Stretch the balloon opening slightly if need be.
  • Add some confetti to the inside of the balloon.  An easy way to do this is to put the confetti into a small paper cup.  Squeeze the cup a bit forming a pouring spout and pour the confetti in.
  • Inflate the balloon and knot it closed.
  • Tie an 18" piece of ribbon around the knot in the balloon.

Shake the balloon and enjoy the festive sound and look.

Printable Instructions

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