Stitch up a fleece case to hold your camera or cell phone with free sewing instructions. Makes a great gift.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Fleece - see step 1 of instructions for the amount needed
  • Needle or sewing machine
  • Thread

Stitch up a protective case for you camera or cell phoneOnce your camera or phone is in the case, flip the top flap over to keep it from sliding out.


Craft Instructions

  1. To determine what size to cut your fleece, you will first need to measure your phone or camera.  In the sample I am making a cell phone cover but the instructions are the same for both the camera and the phone.  My phone is 2" wide by 4" tall. Add 1" to the width and 1 3/4" to the height (2" + 1" = 3"; 4" + 1 3/4" = 5 3/4") so cut 2 pieces of fleece that are 3" x 5 3/4".
  2. how to make a fleece camera or cell phone caseTake one of the pieces of fleece and lay it on your work surface with the right side facing up and so that it looks tall and skinny. Turn down the top 1 1/2" as pictured and baste in place on both sides.
  3. Take your second piece of fleece and repeat step #2 only this time start with it wrong side up.  Many fleece fabrics do not have a right and wrong side. They basically look the same on both sides.  If this is the case with your fabric, don't worry about the right or wrong side of the fabric.
  4. Pin the two pieces of fleece together with right sides together. The flap on both pieces should at the top and be facing in the same direction.
  5. Using 1/4" seam allowance, stitch the three raw sides together. The top of the case (the end with the folds) will remain unstitched.
  6. Clip the bottom corners and right side out.

Sewing pattern and instructions for stitching a camera caseTo use, simply drop your phone or camera into the case and fold the flap over so the phone or camera doesn't slip out.

Hint: Fleece stretches in one direction.  You should cut the fleece so that it is stretchy in the skinny direction.  If not, it might be more difficult to put your camera/phone into the case.


Printable Instructions

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