With one pipe cleaner, one bead and a bar pin, you can make a shamrock pin to wear on St. Patrick's Day.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Green pipe cleaner (chenille stem)
  • Clear Pony bead; 9 x 6 mm
  • Bar pin
  • Hot glue gun

Craft Instructions

  1. Slide the pony bead onto the center of the pipe cleaner.
  2. Keeping the bead in the center of the pipe cleaner and holding the pipe cleaner horizontally, bring the end of the pipe cleaner from the right side of the bead around to the left side of the bead and insert it from left to right  through the center of the bead forming a loop.  Pull gently until the loop measures approximately 1" across.
  3. Take the pipe cleaner that is on the left and bring it around and insert the end through the center of the bead from right to left forming a 1" loop.  You now have a bead in the center with two loops and two straight pieces coming out of it.
  4. Take the straight piece on the right side and make a 1" loop and insert the end back into the right side of the bead.  Bend any remaining pipe cleaner from this piece up and over the bead.
  5. Trim the other straight piece so that it is about 1" long.
  6. Gently push in the center of each loop slightly forming a V in the middle of the loop.
  7. Hot glue a bar pin to the back of the shamrock.  The back side is the side with the piece of pipe cleaner bent up over the bead.

See the printable page for step by step photos.

Printable Instructions

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