Valentine's Day craft idea to make a Beaded Hearet Pin. This pin is so simple to make that you'll want one for each of your Valentines.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 1 1/2" or 2" Craft foam heart with self stick back
  • Very small beads (any type) in clear and red
  • Bar Pin
  • White glue or heavy duty double sided tape.

Craft Instructions

  1. Remove the paper from the back of your self stick heart and place it sticky side up on your work surface.  This will be the right side of your completed pin. Hint: place a paper towel or piece of paper under the heart.
  2. Pour the beads over the entire sticky surface of the heart.  Using your fingers, press the beads into the heart to be sure they adhere well.
  3. Flip the heart over and attach a bar pin to the back of the heart with either white glue or heavy duty double sided tape.  See our Hints & Tips section for attaching a pin using the 2 sided tape.

Make your heart a magnet instead of a pin by replacing the bar pin with a 1" piece of magnet.

Printable Instructions

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