Our heart headband is not only fun to wear but fun and easy to make! You could change out the heart for shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day or snowflakes for a wintertime theme.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  •  Plastic headband
  • Thin ribbon (1/4" or 3/16") in two colors; we used red & silver
  • 2 Silver pipe cleaners
  • 8 Pony beads; pearl white or color of your choice
  • Four 2" Red self-stick craft foam hearts*
  • Silver glitter glue (in a squeeze bottle)
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks

*If you don't have self-stick craft foam hearts, you can cut hearts from regular craft foam and glue them together (steps 10 - 12).  In this case, either use hot glue for an instant hold or if using tacky glue use a couple of clothespins to hold the hearts together until glue dries completely.

Craft Instructions

  1. Attach one end of  the red ribbon to the inside of the headband near one end with a dot of hot glue
  2. Wrap the ribbon around the headband leaving enough space to come back and wrap a second color of ribbon.  When you get to the opposite end, hot glue the ribbon in place and cut off any extra ribbon.
  3. Hot glue one end of the silver ribbon next to where you started the red ribbon.
  4. Wrap the silver ribbon around the headband alongside the red ribbon.
  5. Hot glue the silver ribbon in place when you get to the other end of the headband and cut off any extra ribbon.
  6. Attach two pipe cleaners to the top of the headband by wrapping one end of each pipe cleaner around the headband.  Twist the pipe cleaner end around the main portion of the pipe cleaner just above the headband.  Twist until the pipe cleaner is secure and won't slide around on the headband.
  7. Gently wrap each pipe cleaner around a pen or pencil; remove the pen/pencil and pull slightly on the pipe cleaner for more relaxed curls.
  8. Slide four beads onto each pipe cleaner and place them randomly spaced on the pipe cleaners.
  9. Straighten the top 1" or so of each pipe cleaner.
  10. Peel the back off of one of the self-stick craft foam hearts and place at least 3/4" of the top of the pipe cleaner on top of the sticky side of the heart.  The pipe cleaner should be coming out the point of the heart.
  11. Peel the back off a second heart and place it on top of the first heart - wrong sides together - sandwiching the top of the pipe cleaner between the two hearts.
  12. Repeat steps 10& 11 with the other pipe cleaner.
  13. Outline the hearts with silver glitter glue. Let dry completely before wearing.

Printable Instructions

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