Have you been looking for a unique way to display the table numbers at your wedding? Make simple wine bottle bags from burlap and attach a number to each bottle. Place them in the center of each table and at the end of the night, let your guest take it home as a gift.

If you have a table with all children, or if you don't drink alcohol, you can put a bottle of sparkling cider or sparkling grape juice in each bag instead of wine.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 7" x 30" Burlap
  • 30" Twine
  • Thread
  • Sewing needle or sewing machine
  • 2 1/4" x 3" piece black vinyl
  • Glue: tacky or hot glue
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Number stamps (the numbers should be about 2" tall)
  • Bottle of wine or Sparkling grape juice etc.

Craft Instructions

  1. Cut a piece of burlap 7" wide by 30" long.
  2. Make a 3/4" hem on each of the two short ends.
  3. With right sides together, fold the burlap in half lining up the short ends. Pin in place.
  4. Using a 3/8" seam, stitch up each of the bag sides. Leave the top open. Run either a zig zag stitch along both of these sides or stitch them on a serger to keep them from fraying.
  5. Turn bag right side out.
  6. Thread the end of a 30" piece of twine onto a needle. Starting in the center of what will be the front of the bag, stitch a running stitch 2.5" from the top, all the way around the bag ending about 1/2" from where you started. It is important that both ends of the string are on the outside of the bag. Remove the needle. Tie a knot in each end of the twine to keep it from fraying.
  7. Cut an oval that measures approximately 3" high and 2.25" wide from a piece of black vinyl.
  8. Glue the oval to the front of the bag. Make a bag for each table at your reception/party. Stamp each bag with a different number. To give it the look of chalk on a chalkboard, press the stamp lightly into yellow paint. Stamp onto a paper towel then onto the center of the vinyl oval.
  9. Once dry, put a bottle of wine into each bag. Place on bottle in the center of each table and tie the string in a bow.

Printable Instructions

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