Are you looking for ideas for wedding centerpieces or wedding shower decorations? Look no further. Our versatile wine glass lights can be used for any occasion We have shown three variations of wine glass lights but you are only limited by your imagination. Take our ideas shown and add your own little twist to make them unique.

Pictured at left Wine Glass Light with water but no food coloring.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Wine glass or other glass container*
  • Decorative stones; we used clear and a few white ones
  • Submersible tea lights or battery operated lights
  • Optional: Water, food coloring, water proof confetti

*For a larger centerpiece, choose a large glass container They come in so many fun shapes and sizes.

Craft Instructions

wine glass tea light holder

Version 1:

  • This is the least expensive version as you can use regular battery operated tea lights instead of the more expensive submersible lights.
  • Fill the bottom of a wine glass with decorative stones.
  • Place a battery operated tea light among the stones with just the top portion (the part that lights up) showing above the stones.

wine glass lights

Version 2:

By simply changing the light source, you get a completely different effect.

  • Fill the bottom of a wine glass with the decorative stones or marbles. Experiment with how full you want the glass filled with the stones. Different amountss of stones gives a very different look.
  • Turn on one of the submersible tea lights and burry it among the stones. Add a second light if you want your wine glass light to be brighter.

Note: Depending on which direction your lights are facing, it will give a different effect. I like to place one light upside down to get a glow on the table.

wine glass centerpieces

Version 3:

  • Prepare your wine glass light as you did in step 2.
  • Put some water in a separate container and add food coloring a few drops at a time until you get the color you want.
  • Pour the water over the lights and the stones.
  • If desired, sprinkle a few pieces of confetti on top of the water.

Note: Be sure to use submersible tea lights if using water.

Printable Instructions

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