Using a man's wool sock and a few other trimmings, you can make a reindeer welcome sign that hangs on any doorknob. These sock reindeer are quick and easy to make for yourself or to give as Christmas gifts! Get the kids involved. This is a great craft for the whole family. Children will take pride in giving gifts whey have made with their own hands.

Materials and Supplies

Man's wool sock
Two 15mm wiggle eyes
One 1" red pom pom
Two rolled clothespins
One tan pipe cleaner
Wooden alphabet beads that spell "welcome"
Thin ribbon in red and green
Polyester Fiberfil (stuffing)
Safety pin

Craft Instructions

  1. Lightly stuff the toe to heal portion of the sock with Polyester Fiberfil.
  2. Make a 7" cut down the center of the leg portion of the sock . Fold the sock in half so that the leg portion is laying on top of the foot portion. Tie a piece of ribbon, cording or even a pipe cleaner around the center of the sock tieing the upper portion and the foot portion together. Once this is tied, flop the upper portion of the sock over where you just tied it.
  3. Thread wooden beads that spell "welcome" onto a piece of red ribbon and tie this onto the reindeer just above where the leg portion of the sock flops over.
  4. Cut a 4" piece of tan pipe cleaner and slip the center of the pipe cleaner into the slit in the rolled clothespin. Slip the clothespin over the toe portion of the sock forming an antler. Bend the ends of the pipe cleaner as shown in the photo above. Repeat to make a second antler.
  5. Glue one 15mm wiggle eye at the base of each of the antlers.
  6. Glue a red pom pom to the center of the reindeer's face.
  7. Cut a 12" piece of green (or red) ribbon. Fold it in half and tie the ends in an overhand knot. Pin the center of the ribbon to the back of the reindeer's head using a safety pin and your Welcome Reindeer is ready to hang on a door knob.

Printable Instructions & Pattern

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