If you love Halloween and want to celebrate it at Christmas or maybe you want to make a Halloween tree in October, either way, this pumpkin ornament is sure to be a great conversation piece.

He is simple and inexpensive to make and fun to look at.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Glass ball ornament*
  • 1" Orange pompoms; we used 22
  • Black fabric paint in a squeeze bottle

*We used a 2.5" ball but you can use any size. If you use a larger clear glass ball, you will need more pompoms.

Craft Instructions

  1. Fill a clear glass ball ornament with orange pompoms. Use a pencil or chop stick to move the pompoms around inside the ornament. Pack the pompoms tight enough that you don't see any gaps. Replace the ornament top (hanger).
  2. Make sure the outside of the ball is clean and free of lint. You can wipe the outside with rubbing alcohol if you like. The ornament has to be completely dry before you proceed.
  3. Using black paint in a squeeze bottle, draw a pumpkin face on one side of the ornament. Let dry completely and hang on your tree.

Optional: cut out a couple of leaves from green craft foam and glue them to the top of the glass ball near the ornament hook.

Printable Instructions

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