Recycle those old puzzle pieces into a beautiful Christmas wreath ornament. This is a great craft for the kids and a great way to reinforce the need to recycle. Also, by crafting with recycled items, you can make beautiful new items at little to no cost. At our annual holiday party, our family makes a new ornament or Christmas craft and this project is great because it did not any extra expense to the party.

Tip: If you don't have time to let paint dry, use paint pens or markers as they dry much more quickly.

Materials and Supplies

  • Puzzle pieces
  • Red tri-beads
  • Tacky glue or Elmer's glue
  • Cardboard
  • Elastic thread or monofilament; 8" piece
  • Green acrylic paint
  • Paint brush

Craft Instructions

  1. Cut a 3.5" circle from a piece of cardboard and then cut a 2" opening in the center of the circle forming a wreath shape. When choosing cardboard for this ornament, pick one that is not too thick and you will have an easier time cutting it. You can choose a recycled cardboard such as from the side of a cereal box.
  2. Apply glue to one side of the cardboard wreath shape. Place a layer of puzzle pieces into the glue. Glue a second layer of puzzles pieces on top of the first and let the glue dry.
  3. Paint the puzzle pieces green and let dry.
  4. Glue a few red tri-beads on top of the painted puzzle pieces. We used 10 beads on our sample.
  5. Cut an 8" piece of elastic thread or monofilament. Tie the ends together in an overhand knot. Glue the knot to the back of the wreath as a hanger.

Hint: When gluing the puzzle pieces, place the side with the picture face down as the other side will be easier to paint.

Printable Instructions

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