Kids can make a whole bouquet of flowers from coffee filters. Place several in a vase and you have a centerpiece that won't wilt or die. Add some glitter as we have done for an extra special sparkle.

If you want colored flowers, you can paint the coffee filters with watercolors and let them dry before proceeding. Cover your work surface with a plastic table cloth or plastic trash bag before painting to protect your work surface.

Materials and Supplies

Craft supplies:

  • 3 - 4 Paper coffee filters
  • Spray glitter or spray adhesive and regular glitter
  • 2 Green pipe cleaners
  • Stapler

Craft Instructions

  1. Take one coffee filter in your hand and gather the center section drawing the center down into a point.
  2. Place the first coffee filter inside a second coffee filter and gather the second one around the first.
  3. Continue as in step 2 until you have the desired number of layers.
  4. Staple* through the point (base) of the flower.
  5. Wrap the end of one green pipe cleaner around the base of the gathered coffee filters.
  6. Attach the second pipe cleaner to the first one a couple of inches below the flower. Make a loop with this pipe cleaner then bring the rest of the pipe cleaner back over to the first pipe cleaner and twist the remainder of it around the long straight part of the first pipe cleaner.
  7. Pinch the pipe cleaner loop into a leaf shape. If you want two leaves, simply make two loops.

*Some people find it easier to staple the base of the flower after the addition of each coffee filter. It's just a matter of preference. Do what works best for you.

Printable Instructions

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