Corona Lights or Beer Bottle Lights would make a great centerpiece for almost every occasion. They would also make a unique decorative lamp for a dorm room, bedroom or game room. Since Corona Lights run on battery operated lights, you can place them any where without the worry of plugging them in. Great way to up cycle beer bottles.

We chose Corona Light bottles for this craft for two reasons, the bottles are clear and the word "Light" on the label says what it is. You can use any type of beer bottle you have.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Beer Bottle
  • 1 to 1 1/4 pounds of glass mini marbles
  • 1 Set of 10 battery operated mini lights (we used white lights)
  • Lampsshade; approximately 5" tall
  • Wire
  • Cork that is 3/4" on one end; available at craft stores

how to up cycle beer bottles

Craft Instructions

If possible, when buying the battery operated lights, I would suggest ones with a white wire so that the wire would be less noticeable. Unfortunately, when I made the above sample our local crafts stores only had the green wires.

  1. Put batteries in the battery pack. Using a piece of craft wire, attach the battery pack to the inside of the lampshade by wrapping the wire around both the battery pack and the wires inside the shade (see picture).
  2. Place a few of the mini marbles into the beer bottle. Then start adding the string of lights and more marbles alternately. Try to hide as much of the light strand as possible inside the marbles.
  3. When all the lights are inside the bottle and the neck is at least 3/4 of the way full with the marbles, put a cork* in the top of the bottle to keep the marbles from falling out. In order for the cork to fit in the top of the bottle, one end of the cork should be approximately 3/4" across. If your cork is too thick, use a craft knife or utility knife to cut some of the cork off so that it fits.
  4. Place the lamp shade on the bottle and turn the switch on the battery back on to enjoy your lights!

*Note: The wire from the lights will be coming out of the top of the bottle as it is attached to the battery pack that you wired to the inside of the lamp shade. Be careful not to crush the wire when putting the cork into the bottle.

Printable Instructions

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