Craft Elf has provided a list of terms and abbreviations commonly used in knitting.  This list is a great reference when reading knitting patterns.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Instructions

alt alternate m meters
beg beginning m1 make one stitch (by picking up horizontal strand lying before next stitch and working into the back of it)
cc contrast color mc main color
ch chain mm millimeters
cm centimeters oz(s) ounces
dec decrease p purl
dc double crochet p1b purl one thru back loop
dp double pointed needles pat (or patt) pattern
ea each ppso pass previous stitch over
foll following psso pass slip stitch over
g gram p2sso pass the 2 slip stitches over
hk hook pwise purlwise or as though to purl
" or in(s) inch(es) rem remaining
inc increase rep repeat
inc 1 work onto the front & back of a stitch RH right hand
incl including rib work in ribbing as established
k knit rnd round
k1-b knit one thru back loop sc single crochet
k2 tog knit two stitches together sk skip
kwise knitwise or as though to knit sl slip
LH left hand slst slip stitch
lp loop sl 1k slip 1 stitch knitwise

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