knitting abbreviations and definitions


Materials and Supplies

Craft Instructions

End Wrong Side

Complete a wrong side row before continuing with additional instructions.

Garter Stitch

Knit each row


Checking the "gauge" before you start crocheting will insure that it turns out the size stated in the directions.  To check the gauge, knit a square using the pattern specified.  The pattern will tell you how many stitches and how many rows there should be per inch.  If your sample doesn't match the gauge, you need to change the size of your needles and do another test piece and re-measure.  Continue doing this until your gauge matches the pattern.  The smaller the needles, the more rows and stitches you will get per inch.


The number of stitches required to complete the pattern design or repeat.

Place Marker/Put Marker

Place a stitch marker onto the needle at specified point then slip it onto other needle each time you come up to it.

Right Side

The side of the work which will be worn on the outside when the article is finished.

Stockinette Stitch

Knit one row then purl the next row, continue in this pattern for specified number or rows


Turn the work around at the point indicated, before the end of the row.

Work Even

Continue working in the established pattern.

Wrong Side

The side of the work which will be the inside when the article is finished.

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