Using three alternating colors adds to the eye pleasing look of this fun crochet pattern. It has quite a bit of stretch to it, but the great thing is it always returns to it's original shape. If you are looking for a pattern with a fun feel to it, the interweave stitch has that too.

Materials and Supplies

Any weight yarn with the appropriate size crochet hook. Our sample was made using worsted weight yarn and a size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook.

ch = chain
dc = double crochet
rep = repeat
sk = skip
st(s) = stitch (es)
Tr/rf = raised treble crochet at the front of fabric (see below)

Craft Instructions

Multiple of 2 sts +1 (add 2 for base chain)
Work 1 row each i colors A, B, and C throughout.

Special Abbreviations: TR/rf (raised treble crochet at front of the fabric) = Wrap the yarn around the hook, insert hook from in front and from right to left around the stem of the appropriate stitch and complete the stitch normally.

Row 1 (right side): Sk 3 ch, dc into next and each ch to end, turn
Row 2: Ch 3, dc in first st, *1 tr/rf around next st, dc into next st; rep from * to end, turn.

Repeat Row 2.

Printable Instructions

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