The crochet instructions below are for the basic popcorn stitch. We are in the process of writing out instructions for another pattern that details one way the popcorn stitches can be attached to each other.

With just one simple change in the stitch, you can make the popcorn stitch come out on the back of the work. You will find a complete explanation of how this is done below.

Materials and Supplies

Any type of yarn and corresponding crochet hook are acceptable for this stitch pattern. Our sample was made with worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook.

Craft Instructions

When crocheting, the popcorn stitch is made when a series of stitches, usually double or triple crochet, are made into the same stitch and then drawn together on the other end. Crochet patterns that include the popcorn stitch should include instructions on how the specific popcorn stitch should be made for that pattern. Our instructions will give you the knowledge necessary to be able to follow those instructions successfully.

Again our instructions are an example of how a popcorn stitch is made. There are many variations.

A popcorn stitch is worked into a base row. For our example we are going to work into a row of single crochet.

  1. Chain a few stitches
  2. Turn and work a single crochet into each chain stitch; chain one and turn
  3. Work single crochet stitches to where you want to make your popcorn stitch and proceed as follows ~
  4. Chain one, skip one single crochet; *make four double crochet in the next stitch, remove your crochet hook from the stitch it is in and insert the hook from front to back in the first double crochet; pick up the loop you dropped and pull it through the first double crochet* chain one, skip the next single crochet and continue crocheting your single crochet stitches until you get to where you want your next popcorn stitch.

Note: The instructions between the *s in step 4 are the instruction for the actual "popcorn stitch" The other instructions are just meant to help you create a base to work into.

To make a popcorn stitch that comes out on the opposite side of your work, work the same as in the steps above except in step 4 when inserting the crochet hook into the first double crochet, insert it from back to front.

Popcorn stitches can be made randomly in a garment or close together in rows of popcorn as shown in our example above.

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