The inner and outer rounds of this stitch are made up of popcorn stitches which gives it a wonderful texture. When stitched with worsted weight yarn, the finished motif measures approximately 6" across.

Materials and Supplies

Any weight yarn with the appropriate size crochet hook. Our sample was made using worsted weight yarn and a size H (5.0 mm) crochet hook.

ch = chain
rep = repeat
sk = skip
sl st = slip stitch
sp = space
st(s) = stitch (es)
tr = treble or triple crochet

Craft Instructions

Special Stitch: Popcorn = work 4 treble into the same place, drop loop off hook, insert hook into first treble, pick up dropped loop and draw through.

Base ring: Ch 7, join with sl st.
Round 1: Ch 3, 3 tr into ring, remove hook and insert through top of ch 3 and into loop, and draw through loop on hook (popcorn made), ch 3, [popcorn into ring, ch 3] 5 times, sl st to top of first popcorn.
Round 2: Ch 3, (count as 1 tr) 2 tr into same place as sl st, *5 tr into next ch 3 sp, 3 tr into top of next popcorn; rep from * 4 more times, 5 tr into next ch 3 sp, sl st to top of 3 ch.
Round 3: Ch 3 (count as first leg of popcorn), make popcorn in same place as sl st, ch 3, *sk 1 tr; 1 popcorn in next tr, ch 3: rep from * ending with sl st into top of first popcorn. Fasten off.

Printable Instructions

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