If you like to craft but don't have much time to spend crafting, you will love making this Easter wreath. It can be completed, start to finish, in about 30 minutes.

Experiment with different color feather boas. If you use a green boa, it will look like grass.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Feather boa
  • 5" piece of ribbon approximately 1/2" wide
  • 12 Foam egg ornaments*
  • 10" Styrofoam wreath form
  • Common pins
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • White glue (tacky glue or Elmer's glue)

*Our eggs measure about 1 3/4" end to end. If you can't find eggs like these, you can buy plain Styrofoam eggs and paint them. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle each egg with ultra fine glitter.

Craft Instructions

  1. Cut a 5" piece of ribbon. Crisscross the ends and secure them to the back of the wreath using two common pins dipped in white glue. This will be the wreath's hanger.
  2. Working on the front of the wreath, lay the boa on the face of the Styrofoam wreath and secure it in place by pushing a common pin through the rope that runs down the center of the boa. Secure the boa with as many common pins as needed to keep it securely in place. The boa is long enough to go around one and half to two times. The feathers will extend over the sides to hide the rest of the Styrofoam wreath form.
  3. Lay the eggs on the wreath (on top of the boa). Once you are happy with their placement, hot glue them in place and your wreath is ready to hang and enjoy.

Note: If your eggs have little ribbon hangers on them as ours did, simply cut the ribbon hangers off before attaching the eggs to the wreath.

Printable Instructions

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