Are you looking for mason jar craft ideas and Father's day gift ideas? We have the solution for both. Make a football bank by painting a mason jar (canning jar) and give it to dad for Father's day.

You can use this football bank to save money for a trip to see you favorite football team play or perhaps your child wants to save up for a football jersey.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Pint size canning jar
  • 4" Square of brown craft foam
  • Paint brush
  • White acrylic paint
  • Brown paint; acrylic or spray paint
  • Clear acrylic spray
  • Masking tape or Painters tape

Craft Instructions

  1. Remove the outer ring from the top of your canning jar. Keep the lid (the flat piece) on the top of the jar and tape it down with either painters tape or masking tape. Tape the threads on top of the jar. This will keep paint off the threads and out of the inside of the jar.
  2. Using either brown spray paint or acrylic paint and a paint brush, paint the outside of the jar brown and the outside of the metal ring. Let dry completely.
  3. Using white acrylic paint and a paint brush, paint a vertical line on one of the sides of the jar. Paint several horizontal lines across the vertical line for the laces on the football. Let dry. You may need to paint over this a second time if the brown shows through too much.
  4. Spray one or two coats of clear acrylic spray on the outside of the jar. Let dry completely.
  5. Remove the tape and the lid.
  6. Trace the lid onto a piece of brown craft foam. Cut out the circle cutting just inside the lines. Fold the circle in half and make a slit by cutting on the fold. You need the slit to be about 1" long so make a 1/2" cut (once you open the circle back up the slit will be 1" long). Before unfolding the circle, make a second cut directly beside where you made the first cut. This will make the slit a bit wider.
  7. Unfold the circle and place it inside the outer ring. Screw the ring onto the jar and your bank is complete.

Printable Instructions

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