Kids love to string things and stringing candy corn is no different. They also get the reward of being able to wear and ultimately eat their candy necklace or bracelet when they are finished. It's a fun and yummy Halloween activity for the whole family.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Candy Corn
  • Elastic thread
  • Needle

The needle should be sharp and not too thick. Before you start, try pushing the needle through a piece of candy to see if it is a good size needle for the project.

Craft Instructions

  • Thread a piece of elastic thread onto a needle. Keep the thread longer than you will need it so that the candies don't fall off as you work.
  • Pass the needle through the candy corn one at a time and slide it onto the elastic thread.
  • Keep adding candies until your bracelet or necklace is a good length for the person who will be wearing it.
  • Remove the needle and knot the two ends together. Trim off any extra elastic thread.


  • If making these with children, tape one end of the elastic thread to the table so that the candies don't fall off the end.
  • When passing the needle through the candy, hold the candy corn by the sides to help keep it from breaking. If you hold the ends, they are much more likely to crack.
  • Do not pass the needle through the candy where two colors meet as it is more likely to break at this point.
  • Each time you thread a new piece of candy onto your needle,wipe the excess candy off the end of the needle.
  • I found it easier to hold the eye end of the needle against your work surface as you push the candies onto the needle.

Printable Instructions

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