Use candy corns to dress up an ordinary vase. Use the vase to hold flowers in your home or as a centerpiece at a Halloween party. This is a very simple concept that can be used with any small items such as candies, berries (such as cranberries), marbles or other little toys that will fit in between the two vases (or the vase and a glass).

Materials and Supplies


  • Two vases - the size is not too important as long as one vase fits inside the other*
  • Candy Corns

*You can also use one vase and a glass that fits inside the vase as we did. The outer vase should be clear so you can see the candy corn through it.

Craft Instructions

  • Place the smaller vase inside the larger vase or place a glass inside the vase. Make sure the smaller vase/glass is in the center of the larger vase.
  • Fill the space between the two vases with candy corn.
  • Fill the inside vase with water taking care not to get water on the candy corn.
  • Place flowers in the vase that is filled with water.

Not only is this method great for using items such as candy corn that would fall apart if placed directly in the water but it also lets you use far fewer of the filler item than if you filled the whole vase with the item.


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