Dress up your Halloween decorations with this pumpkin candy jar. It's a fun Halloween craft the kids can help with. We made our candy jar from a jar with a locking lid to keep the candy nice and fresh. You can use this same idea on any type of jar with a lid. Make a larger jar as a pumpkin cookie jar.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Glass jar with a locking lid*
  • Orange acrylic paint
  • Sea sponge
  • Black paint in a squeeze bottle - we used fabric paint
  • Clear acrylic spray

*Our jar is 5" tall but you can use any size jar.

Craft Instructions

  1. Wipe down a clean glass jar with rubbing alcohol and let air dry. Make sure it is completely dry before proceeding.
  2. Paint the sides of the jar and the top of the lid with a sea sponge and orange acrylic paint. To do this, dip the sponge in the paint then dab it on a paper towel to take off any excess paint. Dab the glass jar with the sponge. Reload with more paint as needed. Let dry.
  3. Make a face on each of the four sides of the jar with black paint in a squeeze bottle. Let dry.
  4. Apply one or two coats of clear acrylic spray paint to the outside of the jar to seal the paint.

Fill the jar with candy and enjoy or give it to someone special as a gift.

Printable Instructions

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