Picture frame crafts make thoughtful holiday gift ideas especially if you put a special photo in the frame before giving it as a gift!

If you are looking for an easy craft and some paint ideas, grab a paper mache frame and get crafting. Dress the frame up with paint and dimensional stickers found with the scrapbooking supplies at your local craft store.

Idea: Change the dimensional stickers to make a frame for any holiday or occasion. For example, if you use balloon stickers it would be great for a birthday. A vacation photo would look great with sandals or a bucket and shovel dimensional stickers.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper mache frame; 5" x 7" or desired size
  • Gold glitter paint*
  • Green paint in a squeeze bottle**
  • 3 Dimensional gift stickers measuring 1" to 1.25" each You can find these with the scrapbooking supplies.

*Our sample was made with gold glitter fabric paint because that is what we had on hand but you can use any paint that you have such as acrylic paint.

**Again, our sample was made with fabric paint. It's inexpensive and we had it on hand but any other paint the comes in a squeeze bottle will work.

Craft Instructions

  1. Paint the surface of the frame with gold glitter paint. If it is in a squeeze bottle, you can use the tip of the bottle to spread the paint as we did here. We applied the paint diagonally across the frame for a more interesting finish. You can also use a paint brush or sponge brush to apply the paint. Let this dry completely.
  2. Attach the dimensional stickers in an eye pleasing fashion.
  3. Use paint in a squeeze bottle to write the year on the frame.

Remember to use your imagination to make this frame your own style. You can eliminate the year and gift package stickers and use floral dimensional stickers in their place. Maybe place the floral stickers in both the top left and bottom right corners of the frame. If you prefer a solid color background on the frame, you can use acrylic paint to paint it any color you choose. You many need two coats for good coverage. Your only limited by your imagination!

Printable Instructions

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