Great knitting project for the beginner. You start the hat with a simple knit 2 purl 2 ribbing then work in the stockinette stitch (knit one row purl the next and repeat) for the remainder of the hat.

Knit hats make great gifts and are fun to customize with specialty yarns. You can change the size of a hat by just changing the yarn type and the size of the knitting needles.

Materials and Supplies

Knitting supplies:

  • Serenity Chunky weight yarn by Premier
  • Size 8 knitting needles
  • Yarn needle

Note: If you want a larger or smaller hat, increase or decease the number of stitches you cast on by a multiple of 4 (ex: cast on 76 or 84).

Craft Instructions

This pattern is worked in two sizes. Work both the same unless otherwise noted. Pattern is for the ladies size with changes for a man's size in parenthesis.

  • Cast on 76 (80) stitches
  • Work K2, P2 ribbing for 3"
  • Work in stockinet stitch until total work measures 7 3/4" (8") ending with a purl row.

Work a decrease as follows:

  • Row 1: K2 tog, *K1, K2 tog; repeat from * across row. [49 stitches(53)]
  • Row 2: Purl
  • Row 3: Rep row 1 [31 stitches (35)]
  • Row 4: Purl
  • Row 5: Rep row 1 [19 stitches (23)]
  • Row 6: Purl
  • Row 7: K1, *K2 tog rep from * across row [9 stitches (12)]
  • Row 8: Purl
  • Row 9 small size: Repeat row 7 (4)
  • Row 9 large size: K2 tog across row (6)
  • Cut yarn leaving a long end. Thread through a yarn needle and draw through remaining stitches, gather and secure. Sew back seam. Weave loose ends back into your work.

If desired make a pompom. This hat looks cute either way, with or without a pompom.

To Make a pompom - wrap yarn around 4 fingers 75 times. Slide the loops off and securely tie a 15" piece of yarn around the center of the loops. Do NOT cut the strand of yarn you used to tie the loops. You will use this to attach the pompom to the hat. Cut the loops and trim the pompom so that it looks neat.

To attach the pompom to the hat - thread one of the long strands of yarn onto a yarn needle. Pass the needle through the top of the hat and unthread the needle (with the strand inside the hat). Repeat with the second long strand of yarn. Turn the hat inside out and tie the two long strands together in a knot. Cut off any extra yarn and right side out the hat.

Printable Instructions

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