Bluebell insertion is a panel of eight stitches that is knitted into a blanket or garment. It is actually quite easy as long as you have a little basic knitting know how. This would look pretty if made as panels in an afghan. You could make the panels evenly spaced throughout the afghan.

Skill level: Intermediate

Worked in a panel of 8 stitches.

Materials and Supplies

You can use any weight yarn along with the appropriate size needles for that particular yarn. A suggestion of needle sizes often is posted on the yarn label (wrapper).

Craft Instructions

Panel of 8.
1st row (right side): P2, [k1, p2] twice
2nd row: k2, [p1, k2] twice
3rd and 4th rows: Rep the last 2 rows once more
5th row: P1, yon, sl 1, k1, psso, p2, k2tog, yfrn, p1.
6th row: K1, p2, k2, p2, k1
7th row: P2, yon, sl 1, k1, psso, k2tog, yfrn, p2
8th row: k2, p4 k2
Rep these 8 rows.

Printable Instructions

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