Celebrate New Year's Eve in style with these custom home made shakers (noise makers). You can either make them ahead of time and hand them out to guest as the midnight hour approaches or let guest make them as a party activity.

Great for sporting events or anytime you want to celebrate or cheer someone on!

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Water bottle*
  • Pony beads
  • Curling ribbon
  • Black paint pen

* For our sample we used Aqua Pod bottles. Aqua Pod is an 11oz bottle from Poland Springs with a unique chubby shape. You can use any water bottle you have on hand though.

Craft Instructions

  1. Fill the water bottle about 1/3 of the way full with pony beads or any colorful beads that sound nice when shaken. We used multi colored beads and a black paint pen but you could reverse it and use solid color beads and use different colors of paint pens to decorate the bottle. Screw the cap securely on your water bottle. You can put some tacky glue around the threads of the bottle if you are worried about children opening the bottles.
  2. Using a paint pen, write "Happy New Year" on the outside of your bottle and draw a few squiggly lines as well. If you are using the shakers for a sporting event, write "Go" and the team name instead of Happy New Year.
  3. Once the paint has dried (paint pens dry pretty quickly), tie several pieces of curling ribbon around the neck of the bottle and curl the ends of the ribbon.

Tip: When writing on a craft project, make a dot at the end of the straight lines for a professional look.

Printable Instructions

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