Are you looking for the perfect picture frame for your St. Patrick's Day photos? We have a simple idea that requires no more than the ability to glue. You can adapt this idea for any holiday or occasion by simply changing the letters of the beads to spell out your special event. Some other ideas/examples would be "Happy Birthday" "Happy New Years" "The ...... Family Vacation" "Easter 2013". You get the idea ~ Now start creating.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Wooden picture frame - any size is fine but our sample was made with an 8" x 6" frame
  • Wooden alphabet beads that spell "Happy St Patricks Day"
  • Green floral embellishments (found in the scrapbooking isle of your local craft store) We used a variety of green colors.
  • Tacky glue or a hot glue gun with glue sticks

Craft Instructions

  1. Choose a nice wooden frame and some wooden beads. Find the correct letters in your bead collection to spell "Happy St Patricks Day".
  2. No need to paint or stain the frame. Simply lay the beads out how you think you would like them. Once you are happy with the layout, glue each individual bead in place.
  3. Glue some of the floral embellishments in groups and individually onto the frame. You will notice that some of our flowers have glitter on them. They came that way but if your flowers do not have glitter and you would like them to have glitter, a spray glitter would work well or you could use a little white glue and paint it on the face of the flowers then sprinkle lightly with glitter.

Printable Instructions

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