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Knitting & Crochet


Craft Elf now offers Crochet and Knitting patterns along with common knitting and crochet abbreviations and terms. Click on one of the links for a list of the patterns now available or to get a free listing of many of the common (and some uncommon) abbreviations used in both knitting and crocheting. We've also provided common terms used when reading crochet and knit patterns.



Knitting Patterns

This is a brand new category for Craft Elf so you may not find a large volume of knitting patterns at this time but each pattern is written carefully and tested before it is added.

Knitting Abbreviations & Terms

Click here to get a list of many of the abbreviations and common terms used in knitting. Great resource of knitters of all skill levels.

Crochet Patterns

Do you have some yarn on hand and don't know what to do with it or maybe you want to make something special but need a pattern to follow.  Check out our free crochet patterns and get started crocheting today. 

Crochet Abbreviations &Terms

Whether you have been crocheting for years or are just learning to crochet, you will find this list of crochet abbreviations and terms a valuable resource.