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Gingerbread House Photo Gallery


Here are some pictures of gingerbread houses for you to enjoy and get ideas from.  If you have a picture of a gingerbread house you would like to share with our guests, please e-mail it to us at and we will make every effort to add it to our gallery for others to enjoy.  Please e-mail pictures of the house only including the city/town and state where you live along with your first name (age listing is optional).  We reserve the right to crop out additional background images to better focus on the houses.


Gingerbread House photo by Mike, Methuen, MA

Mike, age 15

Methuen, MA


Gingerbread House picture submitted by CJ, Methuen, MA

CJ, age 15

Methuen, MA

Gingerbread house picture by Anthony, Methuen, MA

Anthony, Age 13

Methuen, Ma

Gingerbread House picture by Chrissy, Methuen, MA

Chrissy; age 16

Methuen, MA 

Gingerbread House Photo by David, Methuen, MA

David, Age 18

Methuen, MA

Gingerbread house picture from Brian Methuen, MA

Brian, age 18

Methuen, MA

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