This special ice cream treat is sure to put a smile on a child's face.  Serve them at your next birthday party or cookout!

Materials and Supplies


  • Ice cream
  • Ice cream cones
  • Frosting
  • Food coloring
  • Sugar cookie
  • Decorator bag (frosting bag) with star & piping tips
  • Tray or cookie sheet that will fit in your freezer
  • Wax paper or parchment paper

Craft Instructions

Suggestion: Make a day ahead for a birthday party and cover loosely with plastic wrap or foil.

  • Line a cookie sheet or tray with either parchment paper or wax paper. To hold the paper in place, you can place a dot of frosting in each of the corners of the tray/cookie sheet before placing the paper on it.
  • Place a cookie face up on a tray or cookie sheet
  • Put one scoop of ice cream on top of the cookie
  • Place a cone upside down on top of the ice cream.
  • Color the frosting with the food coloring. You can use as many or as few different colors of frosting as you like to complete each clown.
  • Fill a frosting bag (no more then half full) with frosting and using a star tip, squeeze a large dollop of frosting on the point of the cone.  Squeeze 3 small dollops down the front of the cone. Make a wavy line around where the cone and ice cream meet.
  • The eyes can be made with either a star tip or a piping tip. Make a dot for each eye and a dot for the nose.
  • Using a piping tip, draw on the mouth.
  • Don't make too many clowns at one time as the ice cream will start to melt. Place them in the freezer as you complete them.
  • Optional: Outline the outer edge of the sugar cookie with frosting.

Kids and Adults will LOVE this fun treat!

Printable Instructions

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