Crocheting our basic scarf is a great project for beginners on up.  Beginners will get a chance to practice and master the single crochet stitch.  More seasoned crocheters will be able to whip up this scarf quickly for themselves or as a gift.

Materials and Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • 5 oz Worsted weight yarn* (less yarn needed for child's scarf)
  • Size H crochet hook
  • Yarn needle

* Experiment with different types of yarn and different hook sizes to get a variety of different looking scarves.

Craft Instructions

Adult size:

Chain 19; turn

Row 1:   sc in 2nd ch from hook, 1 sc in each ch; ch1  turn (18 sc)

Row 2:   sc in each sc; ch1 turn

Repeat row 2 until scarf measures 52" or desired length.  Knott off and weave ends back into the scarf with a yarn needle.

To make the fringe: 

  • Cut 4 pieces of yarn 12" long.
  • Working across one end of the scarf, insert hook from back to front near one corner.
  • Working with 4 strands as one, fold strands in half.
  • Insert end of hook into loop created by fold.
  • Pull loop half way through scarf and remove hook
  • Pass ends through loop and pull taught
  • Repeat across end making sure fringe is evenly spaced.
  • Make the fringe the same way on the opposite end of the scarf.
  • Trim fringe so it is all the same length.


Child size:

Chain 13

Follow instructions above working until scarf measures 36" or desired length.  Work fringe with 3 strands instead of 4.

Idea:  If you have extra yarn and extra time, make some scarves and donate them to a local charity!

Printable Instructions

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