Foam Core Gingerbread House

Foam Core Gingerbread House

Make a gingerbread house decoration from foam core board

A gingerbread house made from foam core board will become a treasured Christmas decoration to be enjoyed for generations. The photos below will show you how to assemble your house and give you ideas for decorating it.

You are limited only by your imagination!


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Cut foam core board to make a gingerbread house

Trace 2 each of the roof, side and end pieces onto a piece of foam core board. Cut out using an Exacto or craft knife.

Make a gingerbread decoration step 2 paint the foam core

Paint one side of each of the pieces with brown paint. Let dry completely. If desired, paint a second coat and let dry.

Learn to assemble an artificial gingerbread house

Hot glue the foam core to assemble your gingerbread house

Place one of the end pieces on your work surface with the unpainted side facing up.

Craft a gingerbread house with a free pattern from Craft Elf

Squeeze a line of hot glue just inside each of the side edges as pictured.

Christmas craft instructions to make a gingerbread house decoration







Butt the short end of one side piece up against each of the glue lines. Be sure the painted sides are facing out.

Christmas craft project - gingerbread house

Kids Christmas craft - gingerbread house craft

Attach the house to the base by holding the house upside down and running a bead of glue along the bottom edges of the house.

step by step crafting instructions to make a gingerbread house

 Immediately flip the house over and place it on your base. The base is the cake board or a piece of corrugated cardboard.

Assemble your gingerbread house made of craft foam







Run a bead of glue up and over the peak of each end piece and run a bead of glue along one of the long unpainted sides of one of the roof sections close to the edge. This long straight edge will be at the peak when assembled. Place the two roof sections on top of the house.

Make a craft foam gingerbread house for Christmas - fun family activity

When you do this, gently but firmly press the roof sections into the glue on the peaks and butt the long edge of one of the roof sections up against the glue line on the other roof section.

Make icicles from hot glue

Optional: Squeeze hot glue out into big drips for icicles.

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