This cable stitch looks exactly as it is described, like paths that are crossing each other. Crossing Paths Cable would be a great accent on an afghan knitted for a boy, especially if you knit some cars on the afghan.

Skill level: Advanced

Panel of 10 sts on a background of reverse St st*.

Materials and Supplies

You can use any weight yarn along with the appropriate size needles for that particular yarn. A suggestion of needle sizes often is posted on the yarn label (wrapper). You will also need a cable needle for this stitch.

Craft Instructions

Panel of 10 sts on a background of reverse St st*.

Special Abbreviations:

T6L rib (Twist 6 Left rib) = slip next 4 sts onto cable needle and hold at front of work, knit next 2 sts from left-hand needle, slip the 2 purl sts from cable needle back to left-hand needle and purl them, then knit 2 sts from cable needle.

1st row (right side): K2 [p2, k2] twice.
2nd row: P2 [k2, p2] twice
3rd row: T6L rib, p2, k2.
4th row: As 2nd row.
5th to 8th rows: Rep 1st and 2nd rows twice.
9th row: K2, p2, T6L rib.
10th row: As 2nd row.
11th and 12th rows: As 1st and 2nd rows.
Rep these 12 rows.

*To work a background of reverse stockinette stitch, in straight stitching, purl the first row, knit the second and repeat these two rows.

Knitting Abbreviations:

  • k= knit
  • p=purl
  • sts=stitches

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