Make a lucky clover from foam core board and glitter to hang in your home this Saint Patricks Day! It's a fun craft for the whole family.

You can use string to hang it or if you want to display it on a window or mirror, you can get a suction cup with a hook for easy hanging.

Materials and Supplies

Craft supplies:

  • Green glitter
  • Foam core board 10" square
  • Craft knife
  • Tacky glue or Elmers glue
  • Green Sharpie (permanent marker)
  • Green sparkly pipe cleaner
  • Floral embellishments - found in the scrapbooking department
  • Craft foam shapes in assorted styles
  • Crochet thread or other thin string for hanging or a suction cup with a hook
  • Optional: 10" square piece of green fabric

Craft Instructions

  1. Using the attached clover pattern, trace it onto a piece of foam core board and cut it out using a craft or utility knife.
  2. Optional: Cut a piece of fabric from this same clover pattern and use the tacky glue to attach it to the back side of the shamrock. This will give it a nice finished look from the backside if you are hanging it in a window.
  3. Wrap a sparkly green pipe cleaner around the stem of the clover.
  4. Spread a layer of tacky glue around the border of your shamrock and sprinkle green glitter generously on top of the glue. Shake off any excess onto a piece of paper. Pour the extra back into your container so it doesn't get wasted.
  5. Write: Happy St. Patty's Day!" or other Irish wish in the center of the shamrock using a green Sharpie.
  6. For a finishing touch, glue some green floral embellishments and some craft foam shamrocks and other shapes onto your shamrock.
  7. To hang your shamrock either
    • poke a hole in the back of the shamrock near the top (going only half way through the foam core) and insert the hook portion of the suction cup into this hole
    • poke a hole from front to back going all the way through the foam core and thread a piece of crochet thread or string through the hole then tie the ends in an overhand knot

You will need Acrobat Reader to view the pattern as it is a PDF.

Acrobat reader
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