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Knitting Stitch Patterns - Cables and Arons


This section contains knitting stitch patterns using cable and aran stitches. Aran patterns usually include lots of cables, bobbles and other stitches to make up intricate designs. If you have never knitted a cable stitch before, don't let it intimidate you. They are actually much easier than they may seem.


Bold Cable Knitting Stitch

bold cable knitting pattern

Cable with Bridge Knitting Stitch

cable with bridge knitting pattern

Cable with Lace Detail Knitting Stitch

cable with lace knitting pattern

Cable with Ripples Knitting Stitch

cable with ripples knitting pattern

Cable with Segments Knitting Stitch

cable with segments knitting pattern

Chunky Cable Knitting Stitch

chunky cable knitting pattern

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Climbing Cable Knitting Stitch

climbing cable knitting pattern

Closed Bud Cable Knitting Stitch

closed bud cable knitting pattern















Country Lane Cable Knitting Stitch

country lane cable knitting pattern














Crossing Paths Knitting Stitch


Defined Diamonds Knitting Stitch

defined diamonds cable knitting pattern








Donut Cable Knitting Stitch

donut cable knitting stitch


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