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Crochet Stitch Patterns


flower crochet patternWebbed Flower Crochet Pattern

Makes a great center for a granny square.


dandelion crochet patternDandelion Crochet Pattern

This oversized flower stitches up quickly and has a wide variety of uses.

daisy flower crochet patternDaisy Bloom Crochet Pattern

With only two rounds needed to complete this flower pattern, you can make many daisies in one evening.

gardenia bloom crochet patternGardenia Bloom Crochet Pattern

Not only would this flower make a great center for a granny square, you could make a bunch of the petals and join them together to make a variety of items.

sharmock crochet pattern for St. Patrick's DayShamrock Motif Crochet Pattern

Perfect stitch for all you Irish stitchers out there. St Patrick's Day just wouldn't be the same without some shamrocks.

gemini spoke crochet stitchGemini Spoke Crochet Stitch

This crochet pattern makes a sweet little flower with eight spokes in the center.

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petit point flower crochet patternPetit Point Crochet Pattern

Stitch up a small simple flower with this easy to follow crochet pattern.

daisy crochet patternDaisy Time

Small daisy shaped crochet stitch.

flower blossom crochet patternBlossom Crochet Pattern

3-dimensional crochet flower pattern. Great for center of a granny square or attached to your favorite crochet garment.

granny square flower crochet patternFlower Square Crochet Pattern

Granny square crochet pattern with a small, two-layer flower in the center.

daisy crochet patternDaisy Motif Crochet Pattern

Simple two round flower pattern. Would make a great pin or add on for a headband or hat.

four petal crochet patternFour Petal Crochet Stitch

Shamrock shaped crochet stitch.

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