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Crochet Stitch Patterns



nanna square crochet patternNanna Square Crochet Pattern

The nanny square stitch has a distinct circle in the center of the square.


flower crochet patternBird of Paradise Flower Crochet Pattern

This flower crochet pattern makes a fairly large but beautiful bird of paradise flower.

dutch medallion crochet motifDutch Medallion Crochet Pattern

The Dutch Medallion stitch works up quickly with only two rounds to complete this crochet pattern.

orchid blosom crochet motifOrchid Blossom Crochet Motif

Petit flower worked in just one round. Simple crochet pattern.

floral lace square crochet patternFloral Lace Crochet Pattern

Next time you plan a granny square afghan, consider substituting floral lace squares for the traditional granny squares.

popcorn cluster crochet pattern

Popcorn Cluster Crochet Motif

Worked in two rounds, the popcorn cluster measures approximately 2.5" when stitched with worsted weight yarn.

shitake motif crochet patternShitake Motif Crochet Pattern

Unique eight sided design crocheted in five rounds.

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mosaic tile crochet patternMosaic Tile Crochet Pattern

Worked in two contrasting colors, the mosaic tile stitch contains a circle in the center of a square.

granny mae crochet patternGranny Mae Crochet Motif

When you stitch this crochet pattern it looks much like a snowflake and would be fun to make from crochet thread and hang on your Christmas tree.

catherine medallion crochet motifCatherine Medallion

This circle motif is worked in three rounds with the most basic stitches.

incan star crochet motif (crochet pattern)Incan Star Crochet Motif

Worked in a spiral, this fun crochet motif measures approximately 7.5" across when stitched with worsted weight yarn.

geometric circle crochet motifGeometric Circle Crochet Pattern

Try changing the color of your yarn on each round through out for a unique look.

openwork cross crochet patternOpenwork Cross Crochet Stitch

Stitched as a square with an open cross in the center, you could use this pattern to make an afghan. Just stitch the completed squares together.

shell cluste crochet motifShell Cluster Crochet Pattern

Measuring at only 2" x 2.5" this motif works up quickly.



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