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Crochet Stitch Patterns


wasp medallion crochet motifWasp Medallion Crochet Pattern

Unlike most other motif stitches, the center and outer ring of this stitch are made up of popcorn stitches.


six point motif crochet patternSix-Point Motif Crochet Pattern

This fun pattern looks like a snowflake. Make it using crochet thread and hang them up in the windows this winter.

flower in a hexagon crochet patternFlower in Hexagon Crochet Pattern

The center of this hexagon has a raised flower in it. It is a very unique design!

maui orchid crochet motifMaui Orchid Crochet Pattern

Petty floral designed crochet motif.

garden party crochet flower patternGarden Party Crochet Pattern

Simple crochet pattern to make a floral motif from yarn or crochet thread.

painters palette corchet motifPainter's Palette Crochet Pattern

Made up of only three rounds, this cute little stitch works up quickly.

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primula circle crochet patternPrimula Circle Crochet Pattern

Pretty design worked in four rounds.

magic circle crochet patternMagic Circle Crochet Pattern

The center of this floral design is an open circle. Stitched with green yarn, the magic circle can become a wreath Christmas ornament.

aquarius crochet motifAquarius Stitch Crochet Pattern

Unique crochet stitch that measures approximately 5" across.

genesa crystal crochet motifGenesa Crystal Crochet Pattern

When completed this fun pattern looks like a cross between a snowflake and a flower.

swirl motif crochet patternSwirl Motif Crochet Pattern

You can make this motif any size you like by just continuing the pattern.

spiral hexagon crochet motifSpiral Hexagon Crochet Stitch

With this pattern, you can make your finished piece any size you want as the patterns includes for continuig the spiral endlessly.

crystal hexagon crochet stitchCrystal Hexagon Crochet Pattern

Lovely hexagon shaped crochet pattern.

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