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Crochet Stitch Patterns


interlocking blocks crochet stitchInterlocking Blocks Crochet Pattern

Great pattern choice for making a lap afghan in your school colors.



shell crochet patternShell Network Crochet Stitch

The shell stitch is one of the more traditional crochet patterns and is an excellent choice for afghans.

diamond picot mesh crochet stitch Diamond Picot Mesh

You could make a beautiful table runner using the diamond picot mesh pattern and crochet thread.

basic patchwork crochet patternBasic Patchwork Crochet Stitch

This pattern uses two different colors made into a reversible project with the strings all neatly concealed.

colorful stripes crochet patternColorful Stripes Crochet Pattern

Stitch up this fun pattern using the single crochet stitch in any two colors you choose!

fancy picot crochet patternFancy Picot Crochet Stitch

When stitched using crochet thread, this pattern makes great doilies and table runners.

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key tab crochet stitchKey Tab Crochet Pattern

Learn to crochet this fun stitch with an easy to follow crochet pattern.

interweave crochet patternInterweave Stitch

The photo probably does not show what a great texture this crochet pattern has and quite a bit of stretch too.

popcorn waffle crochet stitch

Popcorn Waffle Stitch

This variation of the popcorn stitch has more of an oblong look than the other popcorn stitches we have posted.

crosshatch crochet patternCrosshatch Crochet Stitch

Working with three colors really makes the crosshatch stitch pop. If you prefer to crochet with just one color, this pattern will still have a very cool look.



outline squares crochet patternOutline Squares Crochet Pattern

Each of the squares in this pattern have a raised outline around them.

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